A Mick Murphy Mystery

To Beat The Devil

Because of the destructive ending of Stairway to the Bottom, this sequel begins with Norm telling the story. If you haven't read the earlier book, you should before reading the sequel. Mick Murphy begins telling the story in the book's second part, when the crew returns to Key West.

With Mick Murphy recovering from near death, his black-ops friend Norm Burke assists him on his quest to kill Russian mobster Alexei, the man Murphy holds responsible for Tita's death. Almost close to goat, Murphy gets Alexei's journal from a Mexican drug lord and it leads him back to Key West where he must choose between his quest and savings the lives of innocent people caught up in a terrorist plot.A plot that involves terrorists, Iranians, government agents and makes Murphy, Norm and all involved question their ideas on conspiracy theories.

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Michael Haskins