Michael Haskins


A Mick Murphy Key West Mystery

Mistaken Identity

Murphy gets caught up in the Irish drug wars after a friend is mistakenly taken for a gang member and murdered in Dublin. After working with Norm and the Irish Gardai to take down the killers, Murphy heads back to Key West. Seeking revenge for Murphy's involvement in the killing of three gangsters in Dublin, Irish hitmen go after Murphy and friends in Kew West. A mysterious women enters Murphy's life and he's not sure if it's to kill him or protect him. Padre Thomas seems to know the answer. Angel or devil? Whichever, she's deadly with a dagger.

Kristofferson’s voice wailed “Shake Hands with the Devil,” into the night’s darkness as I walked home on the moon lit, shadowy Key West streets from another evening at the local saloons. It took me a moment to realize it was my cell’s ringtone and not my cloudy imagination. The phone’s screen light blinked in the darkness. I glanced at my digital watch – 3:29 AM.

After shaking the alcohol-fog loose from my head, I answered the call.

“Yeah!” My voice scratchy from too much Jameson.

The reply came with sniffles, sobs and gasps for air.

“Mick, they killed him!” A female’s voice mumbled the words.

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Michael Haskins

Michael Haskins, Mystery Writer, Key West Writers

Author, Michael Haskins

I was born at an early age in a Boston hospital. I don't recall my birth, but accept it as truth since it appears on my birth certificate, I'm here, and my parents have assured me it's the truth. I have to assume that's when and how I arrived.

I grew up in North Quincy, Massachusetts, and went through the public school system. I wasn't a student who stood out. If my English teacher in the ninth grade had not told me to put down a copy of Hemingway's short stories (I had taken it off a bookrack during study class) because I was "too stupid to understand it," I might never have wanted to read. Thank you Mr. Carlin! In my senior year, I talked my creative writing teacher, Mrs. Shapiro, into getting the school to allow us to publish a creative writing magazine, Counterpoint. Mr. Carlin barely passed me, Mrs. Shapiro gave me A's! Go figure! -- More About Michael

"I've spent some time on Key West, and Michael Haskins captures its exotic nature in wonderfully spare prose and dialogue. Throw in a good mystery with international implications and you have a genuine winner in Chasin' the Wind." -- Jeremiah Healy, Author of Turnabout and The Only Good Lawyer, Shamus Award Winner

"Mick Murphy has been in some trouble before, but NOBODY WINS puts him in a life and death situation about every five pages. From Key West to Los Angeles, from New Jersey to Dublin, Ireland, Mick is on the run, and he's never sure why. Twists, turns and a climatic ending make this page turner a thrill- a- minute read." ~ Don Bruns, author of the Stuff Series & Sever Music Series

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