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Right As Wrong Can Be
A Mick Murphy Key West Mystery

"Death stared down at me and it wasn’t pretty. I knew where the saying ‘scared stiff’ came from and what it meant. It wasn’t that I accepted death. I wasn’t sure what else I could do. My Ruger lay somewhere in the dirt, no vehicles passed along US1 and I guessed the teenager took the opportunity to run.

My focus stayed on the machete. I held hopes of being able to move sideways, out of its deadly blow, when he swung it toward my head. Then what? I wasn’t sure. He would take me in a hand-to-hand, even if I’d been in good shape.

I saw a small circle of blood near the giant’s shoulder before I heard the shot. In rapid motion, more shots peppered his upper body, forming bloody spheres along his chest. The machete came down, hitting the dirt instead of me. His stare went behind me to the right. I turned. The teenager stood there, holding my gun in both hands."

Enjoy the first 2 chapters of
Right As Wrong Can Be


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Right As Wrong Can Be


"Michael Haskins' 'Nobody Wins' is a breathless, high-octane international crime thriller with the fast-pace of an '80s action movie."  ~ Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton and A Case Of Noir.

"Mick Murphy has been in some trouble before, but NOBODY WINS puts him in a life and death situation about every five pages. From Key West to Los Angeles, from New Jersey to Dublin, Ireland, Mick is on the run, and he's never sure why. Twists, turns and a climatic ending make this page turner a thrill- a- minute read." ~ Don Bruns, author of the Stuff Series & Sever Music Series


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